iPhones have revolutionized the mobile phone industry like never before. Just think about the earlier days of touchscreen phones that used stylus and buttons to navigate. But Apple with its iPhone introduced us to a new era where just a finger was used to operate your phone. They are some of the most powerful mobile devices without a doubt. 

However, a more powerful performance means more energy consumption. To keep using your iPhone for a long time, you will need to make sure that it has the juice to keep itself working. This is why you will need to maintain its battery health. But before we start, do you know why it is important to maintain the battery health of your iPhone? Here is what you need to know!

Table of Contents aboout 10 Tips TO Maximize The IPhone Battery Lifespan

Importance of Battery Health

Just like any fixed battery-operated electronic device, the iPhone’s battery will also downgrade over time. However, certain ways can help maintain good battery health. Your iPhone’s battery plays an important role when it comes to getting the most out of it either its productivity apps to just using it for your leisure time and social media. If you don’t care about its health, it will stop working overtime or even earlier than expected. It will not get any juice even when your plugin is prolonged.

Though there isn’t any exact idea of how long a phone’s battery lasts there are certain ways that can leave a significant impact on its health. Here are some of the most common yet useful factors that you can follow to maintain your iPhone’s health for years.

Maintaining Your iPhone’s Battery Health

Here is what you need to know!

1. Check Your Battery’s Health

If you are concerned about your iPhone’s battery health status. This will give you the best idea if you can actually work to increase the iPhone’s battery lifespan or not. Check the battery setting in the setting and check if the health is below 80%. However, Apple will also let you know if your iPhone’s battery health is poor.

2. Leaving Phone Without Charge Too Long

Usually, the battery cells of lithium-ion batteries have a limited lifespan. This is the reason why you shouldn’t leave your phone without charging for too long. This is one of the major reasons that kills the batteries of iPhones. This happens because the battery cell drains out and left uncharged too long it may lose its unchangeable state and may not work again. 

dont not use mobile phone while n charging

But the good news is, the iPhone batteries still hold some charging when the phone is powered down. However, when your phone is completely shut down with no charging then you should charge it as soon as you can. You should enable your phone’s “Low Power Mode” and set it to 20% or lower. Though it will not extend the battery life of your iPhone drastically, it can give you a little extra juice so you can reach its charger.

3. Screen Brightness and Lock Screen

iPhone is undoubtedly having one of the best and brightest displays among the smartphones. However, these beautiful displays can consume a huge chunk of your battery life. Check the battery usage in the setting and if you see a higher consumption in there then check the display setting. Lower the brightness of your screen, here latest version of IOS 17 can help you to maintain your battery life.. 

Because the iPhone screen is still crisp when the brightness is lower. Also, you can enable auto brightness in the accessibility menu as well. This will enable the iPhone’s display to adapt according to the ambient lighting around. You can also set the lock screen time to 30 seconds. This can help save your battery life significantly.

4. Switch to Wi-Fi More

Internet connectivity is one of the best reasons why we own smartphones. However, using a cellular network in iPhones isn’t really a good idea because it can consume a way better life than Wi-Fi. So when you are near Wi-Fi then switch to it if you want to extend your iPhone’s battery life. You can use the Wi-Fi toggle option from setting to auto switch.

5. Disable Any Unused Features

iPhones come with several professional features that may seem gimmicky to most users. While this isn’t a con of using an iPhone, having those features enabled will cause a faster battery drain. If you want to retain the most charge cycle and want to maintain the battery health of your iPhone, disable them. 

You aren’t using them already so why enable them that may even be using extra RAM as well? Some of these features are background refresh, push notification, Bluetooth, and location settings. Take a look at these settings and disable them when not in use. Also, you can extend the better a little more by disabling the always-on feature.

6. Performance Management Setting

iPhones are already known for their performance. This is because of its performance mode which is usually set to maximum performance. However, depending on your usage, you can set it to low power mode to extend the battery. 

Several features such as background refresh, auto downloads, and mail fetch will be suspended. Most of us don’t use them daily so suspending them can significantly enhance the battery life.

7. Avoid Using While Charging

This is one of the most common mistakes that a huge number of iPhone users make. However, you can check some notifications while charging and it won’t do any harm. However, prolonged usage of your phone while charging can affect the battery and its overall health. 

Why do avoid using mobile phone during charging

Playing games especially intensive gaming like any multiplayer games will cause the battery to overheat and this can even cause some severe consequences. So, it is better to let your phone charge first than plan to use it.

8. Use Apple’s Official Charger

When you get 3rd party iPhone charger then it is highly unlikely that it will ruin the battery life of your iPhone. Though they can charge your phone that will be insufficient to charge the phone according to Apple’s standards and the current will not be compatible with the battery as well.  

Why do avoid using mobile phone during charging


Always opt for Apple’s official accessories or retailers approved by Apple. These accessories will help you to keep your iPhone secure from unexpected power surges and will keep the battery health’ at its best.

9. Storing Your iPhone For Long Term

This is also possible that when you upgrade from your previous model iPhone, you may want o store your older iPhone or you might be thinking about making a collection. Whatever the reason is, if you are going to store your iPhone for a long time, you shouldn’t charge the battery 100%. 

According to Apple, you should charge your iPhone battery up to 50%. Storing your phone at zero charge can cause your phone to go into deep discharge mode. This will result in a battery with no charging capacity.

10. Get A Phone Case

Phone falling is a common thing and this can be quite damaging for your battery health as well. Sometimes a fall that seems minor to us may have caused damage to internal parts of your iPhone including the battery

So investing in a high-quality iPhone case is a great idea. Not only it will secure your iPhone at some point but will make your phone look good aesthetically as well.

Wrapping Up

iPhones are considered quite a luxury phone and they don’t come cheaper as well. This is why, you will need to make sure that you should be able to use it for longer. An iPhone with a prolonged battery lifespan can be used for a longer period. With this post, you will have got the idea of maximizing your iPhone’s battery lifespan. 

Additionally, you shouldn’t use the iPhones in a dusty and rugged environment as the dust and debris can get trapped in exposed parts and can lead to further damage to your phone. Hope this article will help you to maximize your iPhone’s battery lifespan