What is IOS 17.2 Beta and How to Use It


Apple has made a new version of IOS for iPhone and iPad. It is called IOS 17.2 beta. Beta means it is not finished yet. Apple wants people to try it and tell them what they think. You can get the IOS 17.2 beta if you are a developer or a public tester. In this article, we will tell you how to get it, what it can do, and what problems you might have.


Table of Contents about What is IOS 17.2 Beta and How to Use It

How to Get IOS 17.2 Beta on Your iPhone or iPad


The Apple website offers the iOS 17.2 beta for developers to download. To use an Apple ID, you must have one. On your device, a beta profile must be installed. After that, go to Settings to update your smartphone. Also you can check IOS 17 Function and Features.


If you are a public tester, you can sign up for the Apple Beta Program with your Apple ID. You also need to put a beta profile on your device. Then, you can update your device in Settings.


Make sure you use iTunes or iCloud to back up your device before downloading the iOS 17.2 beta. Beta software may have issues and cause data loss. Additionally, you can always return to the regular version of iOS and delete your beta profile to cease using the software.

What is IOS 17.2 Beta and How to Use It
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What Can IOS 17.2 Beta Do on Your iPhone or iPad?


IOS 17.2 beta has many new things and makes some things better for your iPhone and iPad, such as:




In addition to opening apps, adjusting settings, setting timers, and playing music, Siri is able to perform more tasks without an internet connection. Further, Siri is capable of translating words and sentences into Hindi, Arabic, Thai, and Vietnamese, among other languages. Additionally, Siri may notify you when new messages arrive from other apps, including Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp.




FaceTime improves the natural sound of your voice during group video chats. In addition,  FaceTime also makes your background blurry with portrait mode, which makes you look better on video. FaceTime also allows you to share your screen with other users, which is useful for instructing, playing games, and displaying content.




A new privacy report feature in iOS 17.2 beta allows you to see how frequently apps utilize your location, contacts, camera, microphone, photographs, and other data. Additionally, you are able to investigate the websites that apps connect to , if you want to stop them. When using Safari or Mail, the iOS 17.2 beta now masks your IP address from trackers.


Other Things


IOS 17.2 beta also has some small changes and fixes some bugs, like:


– A new emoji keyboard that lets you find emojis by name or type.

– A new low-power mode that saves battery by doing fewer things in the background, using less internet, and making the screen less bright.

– A new weather widget that shows more information and pictures.

– A new app library that puts your apps into groups and lets you hide pages that you don’t want on your home screen.

– A new compact UI that makes incoming calls, Siri, and Face ID smaller. Allthought Apple launch IOS 17 after iPhone 15 lunching.

IOS 17.2 Beta Problems and How to Fix Them

Because IOS 17.2 beta is not finished yet, it might have some bugs and glitches that make your device work worse or not work at all. Some of the common problems are:

Problem Cause Solution
Battery drain Some apps or features use more battery power than usual Turn off some settings that use battery power, like location services, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, background app refresh, and notifications; Check which apps use the most battery in Settings > Battery > Battery Usage
App crashes The app does not work well with the new version of IOS Update the app to the latest version from the App Store or delete and install the app again; Tell the app maker or Apple about the problem using the Feedback Assistant app
Connectivity issues Network problems or wrong settings Reset your network settings in Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings; Turn on airplane mode for a few seconds and then turn it off again

Conclusion about IOS 17.2 Beta


The brand-new and exciting iOS 17.2 beta update brings enhancements and new capabilities to your iPhone and iPad. You can get it from the Apple website or the Apple Beta Program if you want to give it a try. However, you should be aware that beta software may have issues and cause data loss. Prior to purchasing your device, make a backup of it. You can also          contact Apple for assistance or use the Feedback Assistant app to let them know what you think of it.